Safeguarding – Responding Well

Safeguarding in Lincolnshire District – 1st September 2021


“Doing nothing is not an option” *

Safeguarding continues to be at the centre of all we do in the life of the church. In the District we use the term “the golden thread of safeguarding” to recognise that safeguarding should run through every aspect of being with each other in church, circuit and District life.

That principle has been evident is so many ways over the last Connexional year, as we have had to adjust to a different way of being there for people, keeping them safe and being creative in responding to their needs at such a challenging time.

I am so deeply grateful for the way safeguarding has continued to be a high priority and my increased workload only reflects the awareness of many in seeking appropriate advice, wanting to consult in complex situations and especially respond well to victims and survivors.

We continue to learn so much about “Responding Well.” The District is committed to having a “learning culture” and during the last Connexional year, we have been able to hold a range of events to increase our awareness and understanding of some of the practical and also challenging areas of safeguarding which we face on a day to day basis.

Under the “resources” tab of the District website you will find all our policies, procedures and guidance. I hope they help.

Finally, those who know me well know I am a great believer in responding even when we have a “feeling in our belly” – i.e. have a sense something isn’t right, feel something doesn’t add up or generally have an unease about something. Please do contact someone if this is your experience – you will be listened to, taken seriously and appropriate help, and advice will be given.

Keep well, look after yourselves and others and remember that we are all in this together.

Howard Smedley,

District Safeguarding Officer on 07758 239286 or [email protected]

* Baby Peter Inquiry

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