Safeguarding – Responding Well

We are in times when safety, protection, care and support come centre stage.  It will take us some time to perhaps really understand and “get to grips” with what is happening around us with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak but already we have seen a mass reaching out through our churches, individuals and communities in walking alongside each other.

I am concerned we don’t think that anything in the life of our Districts is “closing down”.  In these modern social media days, it seems that we can do so many things, albeit in different ways, but from a safeguarding point of view the various meetings, training and events will be reviewed constantly to see how best we can still achieve them, if that is possible.  Even DBS applications and verification can be done with some imagination.

So, the simple message is we will work together to continue the safeguarding processes that remain so essential.

Any concerns, which have already increased during this time, should of course be processed as normal through the District Responding Well flowchart or by ringing me on 07758 239286.

Already we have learned about the safeguarding issues at this time in reaching out to others, ensuring those involved are safe for themselves and others, making sure people are not open to exploitation and generally that they understand what is being offered and who by.

The Methodist Church website has useful information about responding in these times and I will be sending out bulletins as we learn more.

Keep well, look after yourselves and others and remember that we are all in this together.

God bless,

Howard Smedley
District Safeguarding Officer

Updated 25th March 2020

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