Safeguarding – Responding Well

Welcome to the Safeguarding pages of the Lincolnshire Methodist District website.

First of all, if you need any help with any safeguarding matters, however small or unclear, even if it’s just a “feeling in your belly” about something or someone, a gut feeling or something that is just bothering you, then there are people you can turn to in your local church, the Circuit or the wider District.

Each church should have on its notice board a flowchart of who to talk to with contact numbers.

If you are in any doubt or don’t want to go through your local church, then please feel free to ring Howard Smedley, District Safeguarding Officer on 07758 239286.  Alternatively, you can email via the contact form

The District remain very committed to the work of Safeguarding and you will find under the resources tab of the District website a list of all up to date policies and procedures that underpin the work.  You can also find the Safer Recruitment Policy

If you need any help with finding out more about them, you can’t access them or just need administrative help of any kind, please contact Alison Godfrey, the District Officer, on 01522 370126 or via the contact form

The Past Cases Review conducted in the Methodist Church brought many important lessons especially about the need for any concerns to be taken seriously, responded to and dealt with according to Policy. There is much help available and often concerns don’t need to be passed to external agencies but can be sorted within the life of the church setting.  However from time to time, it is important that some concerns are discussed with external services and advice taken to make sure that people get the most appropriate help, especially in keeping them safe from harm.

The main thing is that we are here to help and do what we can.  It is our hope that for those who need that help they will feel respected, listened to and understood and that even in the most difficult of times, a place of safety and support can be offered to create safer spaces for all.

Howard Smedley
District Safeguarding Officer (DSO)
Updated September 2019

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