Dear Friends

Over the past few weeks, Methodist Churches across the Lincolnshire District have been responding to the coronavirus pandemic in many varied ways.  From food parcels for the isolating to goody bags for the children of Messy Churches, from working alongside other community groups to taking the lead in the community.  We have adapted our ministry and we are doing so with great creativity and fortitude.

Worship, Bible Study, home groups and coffee mornings have all moved online.  It is extraordinary how so many who would have shied away from such technology just a few weeks ago are now finding it to be an enriching way of coping with the distancing and anxieties of potential illness.

What we must not do is lose what we have learnt and gained during this time.  We must carry into the future new ways of being Church.  Sure, we long to come together again and share in communion, but we can take with us something of what God hopes for us as we seek to be ever more relevant and meaningful post Covid-19.

Some of us have lost friends and loved ones since the pandemic reached our shores and we hold one another in prayer.  We have no idea how long it will be before restrictions are fully lifted again. Some things are sure: God is with us, God does not leave us, God will never forsake us, we are in the loving arms of God’s mercy.

Every blessing


Rev Bruce Thompson
Chair of District