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Methodism in Lincolnshire is alive and well.  We have a rich heritage, a purposeful present and an exciting future.
The birthplace of the Wesleys is now a county of 160 Methodist churches. 

We proclaim the Gospel as we have received it; we seek to work alongside others in meeting the needs of our diverse and wonderful communities, from inner city to rural hamlet, and we look to what God has in store for us as we plan for a future with Christ at the centre.

Bruce Thompson (Chair of the District)

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Inspired by Church of South India

New Website for District Link with South India

Did you know that the District has a partnership link (along with the Diocese of Lincoln and URC churches in Lincolnshire) with two Dioceses in the Church of South India?  Our link is with the Diocese of Tirunelveli and the Diocese of Tuticorin-Nazareth, both at the very southern tip of India, and over the years we've learnt and prayed about church life in India.  You can read about the link on the new website

MHA News Sept 2014

MHA News Sept 2014

The most important Christmas Card you’ll send this year
Will your Church family share the joy of Christmas with MHA residents and Live at Home scheme members by each writing just one extra Christmas Card?  We can provide free Christmas cards for church members to write their own messages of goodwill and friendship and children’s cards to colour in. Of course, you can just use your own cards. We will then pass them on to all our services to share.


The District Council is seeking to find volunteers to fill various District roles in the coming months.  Please consider if you can help with a particular area of work.


Life, God and....

Life, God and... is a programme of events being developed across the East Central Region which includes Nottingham and Derby, Lincolnshire and Northampton Districts. A mix of weekday and weekend sessions will explore different aspects of being a Christian disciple in the world today through asking questions, conversation, worship, prayer and sharing with one another.

Life, God and....  overview information

Life, God and...   thinking as a family - unfortunately this event has been cancelled

Life, God and ...  resources for discipleship

Telling the Story

Telling our Story: Exploring Methodism through Heritage and Place

Get ready to share Methodist history and faith with visitors to your Methodist heritage site, church or chapel.

FREE interactive workshop on Tuesday 25 March. All welcome.

Meet & Greet

An opportunity for all those paid and unpaid who work with youth and childrent o come together and meet & greet, share what is happening in your patch.