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The Lincolnshire District is at the forefront of many things in the Methodist Church. We are the first to initiate a District-wide Local Church Pastor Scheme; we are the first to be developing a District-wide Community Health Care Volunteer Chaplains scheme; and we are the first to be engaging in Positive Prevention, a partnership with Police and the County Council in training our ministers, lay workers and officers to be more aware of the issues relating to social media use and abuse.
In addition to these cutting-edge projects we are about to launch our first Sabbath Lincolnshire.

This will be on 18 February, the First Sunday of Lent. It is the day we recall that Jesus managed to avoid the temptation to take the easier route to satisfy himself and chose instead to do as God commanded. On that day we will be inviting people to make the day extra special by avoiding social media, washing the car, doing the garden or the shopping etc. In other words to keep the Sabbath – if only for one of the 52 days in the year.

These are just a few of the ways in which we think creatively about our discipleship and service.

We are realistic about the situation we find ourselves in and offer an authentic approach to life and witness.

Rev Bruce Thompson
Chair of District

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Communication Advice

   Communication Advice 2014    In 2015 various people across the District met to discuss Internet Etiquette, and here is what the group came up with:



Keeping in touch with Connexion

Connexion produce lots of e-newsletters and this is the best way of keeping in touch with what is happening in our church nationally.  Find out how to sign up to receive regular news updates...

Inspired by Church of South India

District Link with South India

Did you know that the District has a partnership link (along with the Diocese of Lincoln) with two Dioceses in the Church of South India?  Our link is with the Diocese of Tirunelveli and the Diocese of Tuticorin-Nazareth, both at the very southern tip of India, and over the years we've learnt and prayed about church life in India.  You can read about the link on their website


Training for Circuit Stewards

Please note that the session at Brigg has been cancelled due to low numbers.

Training for new or existing Circuit Stewards is taking place on  Wednesday 11th July at Sleaford starting at 7.30pm.  This is a repeat of the last session held in the autumn of 2017

Full details

The learning outcomes are:
• an understanding of the tasks and responsibilities of circuit stewards
• considered the skills and experience that they, as individuals, can bring to the role of circuit steward
• an understanding of Methodist structures and the distinctive calling of the Methodist Church
• gained knowledge of where to go for further information

The subjects covered will be:
• Stewardship and Christian vocation
• The role of the Circuit Steward in CPD
• Leadership styles
• Methodist Structures and ways of working
• A year in the life of a Circuit Steward

Summer School at Cliff College

Summer School for Local Preachers and Worship Leaders in training

6th August to 10th August 2018 at Cliff College

Choose from different modules


Come and See - Exploring God's call on your life

Saturday 5th May 2018, 10am - 3.30pm 
Wootton Trinity Methodist Church, Northampton

A day of prayer, discernment and discovery with time to explore lay ministry, pioneer ministry and ordained ministry