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Lincolnshire Methodist District Orb(.png)

Lincolnshire Methodist District Logo (.png)  

Lincolnshire Methodist District Letterhead (word document)

(the letterhead has been removed due to potential dangers of it being freely available in the public domain, please contact the district office for a digital copy.)

 (to save: right-click and ‘save as’)

The above resources have been made available to enable lincolnshire district circuits, churches and representatives to use the district methodist orb, letterheads and the more general badge for general correspondence, websites and other forms of publicity.

Letterhead Guidance:
To use the letterhead you will need to insert your own unique information over each of the <subject fields> (including each circuit’s charity number in the footer). All subject fields are bascis text to allow further flexibility or information to be added. 

Logo & Orb Guidance: 
Whereever possible please keep to the intended original colours and proportions. Please note each logo has been saved in a .png format to enable the background to be transparent for a wider range of uses.  
The Linconshire District badge and letterhead both use the Franklin Gothic font following the nation Methodist Church Logo. If you wish to know more about the Orb & Cross or need to download the national Methodist Church Logo, please go to www.methodist.org.uk/who-we-are/logos.



The District signboards are available in three sizes 600mm, 450mm and 300mm diameter.  There may be some buildings where it is not appropriate to attach a sign to the wall and so peel off vinyl signs to be placed on glass are available in the same sizes.  One sign per church will be paid for by the District.  Additional signs can be ordered at cost.  Please ask for details.

Click here to see the design for the sign

For all orders please contact the District Office on 01522370126

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