District Logo

Lincolnshire Methodist District Logo

If you wish to use the logo for the Lincolnshire Methodist District, please download the colour version here Logo . This can be printed in full colour or, if you are printing in black and white, it will come out well as a grayscale image. Please ensure any electronic version is full colour. When using the logo, please ensure it is to the same proportions. (If re-sizing the logo a handy tip is to re-size from the corners so that the logo doesn’t get squashed or stretched. Some older systems require you to hold down the shift key at the same time to achieve this)

These simple guidelines are to help us be consistent in our use of the logo across the District.

The Lincolnshire Methodist District logo uses the Franklin Gothic font of the Methodist Church logo, the Methodist Orb & Cross symbol and the colours from the Lincolnshire flag. If you wish to know more about the Orb & Cross or need to download the Methodist Church Logo, please go to www.methodist.org.uk/who-we-are/logos.

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