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Each Methodist community across the county belongs to the wider family of Methodism.  We are proud of the fact that our founders John and Charles Wesley were born here and whose ministries have led to 60 million-strong worldwide Church.  Whilst heritage is important we do not stand still.  We are currently at the end of our seven year strategy programme called Toward 2020 Vision and the new strategy “Beyond 2020 – Faithful and True” will be launched at the next Synod. Because of Toward 2020 Vision we have become the first District in the country to commission Local Church Pastors, lay people exercising valid and effective ministries with specific responsibilities in support of their ordained colleagues.  We are also proud to manage both an agricultural chaplain to the county and the cutting-edge Primary Care Chaplaincy Project.

Please get in touch with either your local church or via this web site if you think we can be of any help.           

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