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Come and See - Exploring God's call on your life

Saturday 5th May 2018, 10am - 3.30pm 
Wootton Trinity Methodist Church, Northampton

A day of prayer, discernment and discovery with time to explore lay ministry, pioneer ministry and ordained ministry


To be a pilgrim

As part of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential theme for 2017/18, a conference with the title ‘To Be a Pilgrim’ will take place at Cliff College from Friday evening 6th April through to Sunday lunch 8th April.

The programme offers a choice of variety of different topics and activities, with Rev Michaela Youngson, President-designate, as the keynote speaker. 

●●  What does pilgrimage have to offer Christians and the Church today?
●●  What might be distinctive about Methodist pilgrimage?
●●  Does pilgrimage have to involve a journey?
●●  Can pilgrimage be mission?

These and lots of other questions will be explored through worship, workshops, discussion and learning. There will be a chance to explore the Cliff College grounds and surrounding countryside, as well as experience pilgrimage through sedentary activities.

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Positive Prevention

Positive Prevention Workshop - how we respond in a modern world
Wednesday 23rd May OR Saturday 23rd June 2018

Each session is a repeat of the other so you only need to attend one!


Summer School at Cliff College

Summer School for Local Preachers and Worship Leaders in training

6th August to 10th August 2018 at Cliff College

Choose from different modules


Data Protection Training

Did you know that new Data Protection regulations come into force in May this year?

CTAL has organised training to get churches and charities up to speed on what they need to do to prepare and become compliant wiht the law.  This takes place on Monday 26th February at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln.

Link to the CTAL website for details

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