Safer Recruiting

Safer Recruitment Policy JUNE 2013   for the Church of England and the Methodist Church of Britain   This is the almost-final version of this policy. Some limited final decisions will be needed in autumn 2013, following which the final version will be considered by the House of Bishops and the Methodist Conference or Council.… Read More Safer Recruiting

Safeguarding Documents

District Safeguarding Policies Responding Well District Safeguarding Policy September 2017 Responding Well District Safeguaring Policy Summary September 2017 District Safer Recruitment Policy September 2017 District Safer recruitment Policy Summary September 2017 Responding Well District Safeguarding Flowchart September 2017 Responding well Safeguarding Flowchart (people in the pew)(people in the pew) September 2017 Good Practice Guidelines for Pastoral Visitorsl Visitors September 2017 Summary for Pastoral Visitors September… Read More Safeguarding Documents