Data Protection

Circuits and Churches should now be compliant with the General Data Protection Act 2018 which came into force in May 2018 Check list for churches and circuits Data Mapping Form blank in excel – this is almost identical to the Connexional form but with the addition of a column for “Lawful Basis” and “Action”. Privacy… Read More Data Protection

Safeguarding Documents

District Safeguarding Policies Responding Well District Safeguarding Policy September 2017 Responding Well District Safeguarding Policy Summary September 2017 Responding Well Responding Well District Safeguarding Flowchart September 2017 Responding well Safeguarding Flowchart (people in the pew) September 2017 Responding Well District Recording Form September 2017 Safer Recruitment Policies District Safer Recruitment Policy September 2017 District Safer Recruitment Toolkit – September 2017 – September 2017… Read More Safeguarding Documents